Hi, I’m Layla

A passionate Life Coach, Artist & Writer, committed to help you become the person you most want to be.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential.

I always wondered what was the secret that made some people successful, calm and happy while others struggle with emotions, fears and life in general.

Born and raised in Spain, I grew up in a conscious home, with both of my parents well versed in Personal Development & Spirituality. So I guess this was in my destiny!

Growing up, those who guided my path always told me “Layla you have immense potential” while I was feeling lost and experiencing the angst of having to choose one thing to “be” in life.

The encouraging words, though at times brought a huge pressure to me, inspired me to not settle for the mediocre and dedicate all my energy to learn how to develop and embody that “promising” potential.

This path was not an easy task in the social climate of my country during my early twenties! After years of studies (Acting School, Music and Media & Film Making University) I totally refused to enter the “9 -5 minimum wage job” box!

So I left!!

My journey took me around the world immersing myself in the study of different tools and techniques to realize Human Potential.

I wanted to realize my Human Potential!









I dedicated half a decade to dive deep and absorb the wisdom of Ancient Traditions and cutting edge Therapies.

From Tantra & Yoga to Somatic Dance, I found ways to reconnect Mind, Body & Soul. My passion for Taoist Philosophy took me to immerse in Traditional Chinese Medicine & different kinds of Meditation.
I have an obsession with neurobiology and the how’s and why’s our brains work how they do, so I explore fields like NLP & The Biology of Empowerment.

And the list goes on…Up until today I keep on seeking for ways to live a fulfilling, healthy, radiant and all around EPIC life.



I believe we all have the potential to live the life we dream, yet in order to succeed in today´s world we need to bring all our gifts with us to the table and often we don’t even know what those gifts are!

That’s why I started my coaching business.

My mission is to help guide you to discover your gifts!

I have the vision of a world where we thrive acting out our heart´s truest desire.

This has inspired me to become a mentor for Women all around the world guiding them to find their way to become the Authentic & Amazing Women that they are.

It´s not about having all the answers or finding a magic pill, it´s about tapping into our own potential, learning how to hone our gifts and develop the skills to walk with Grace, Presence and Beauty in this world.

I hope to inspire you to embark in this journey and find your Authentic Radiant Self.

With Love & Presence


Hilary Kingman – Holistic Healer – USA

“I am so grateful for Layla, the way she inspires me, the way she lives her life fully gives permission for others to do the same. She is an incredible woman and I feel blessed to have her on my life.”

Susan Pike – Team Leader – Australia

“Most inspiring beautiful women that I have had the pleasure of leveraging from her experience. There is something so unique about her beauty and what she can bring to other women.
She is the epitome of a goddess for me just has a beautiful heart and radiance.”

Natasha Chand – Real State Administrator – New Zealand

“Kind heart, bright and compassionate. Layla has so much positive energy!! I feel she has given me so much of that positive energy to bring in to my life”

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