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This is for You. Gypsy Soul

This is for the nomads whose hearts swell with joy every time a new adventure appears around the corner of life.

For the souls who have remembered — the souls who felt there is a mission in their lives and don’t tremble to take the steps their brave hearts dictate.

This is for the rainbow kids who have grown, and who walk the earth from the four directions with joyful hearts and clear eyes. I have seen many of you, met many of you, shared your quest and your enthusiasm.

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How saying Yes will change your life and help you get what you want #VIDEO#


The Universe only understand Yes

The Universe, nature, evolution operates in a Yes mode, Yes to different outcomes that automatically shape reality.

Frame your wishes in Yes statements and vibrate with what you say Yes to, as Einstein cited: Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy, this is Science.

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How to get to know yourself better! #VIDEO#

We all wish to grow personally, become better versions of ourselves. But what does this mean?

For me, this means getting to know myself, what it means to be myself. And in this journey of self-discovery, I had to find the subconscious patterns and programs running my emotional system without my awareness, and the blind spots of my personality that I was not seeing. (alert: this is a work in progress!)

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How Creativity boosts Productivity and Success and 4 Steps to Unleash Your Creative Potential.

Allow yourself to create the life you truly desire. You are the artist! -Layla El Khadri

Who hasn’t been stuck in a problem, emotional issue, or apparently dead point in life and wished to find “a new way” to solve it? How many times do we try again and again the same old ways, wishing for a new and genius idea to get us successfully out of the hamster wheel?

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Prayer for the World

I pray and I know that my prayers are heard.

I pray for you and the peace of your heart, even if you don’t believe in my prayers.

I pray for myself and for the peace of my heart that keeps me working in the light.

I pray for my beloved Mother Earth, for her ice to remain cold and her forests to remain green and her rivers and oceans to be clean.

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5 Keys to Understanding Suffering

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Have you ever asked yourself why you suffer?

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4 Steps to End War Inside Out

“Might it be correct that what we experience in the outer world is a mere image of our own psychic dramas, which keep following the same patterns? Do events that are carried to extremes in areas of conflicts take place microscopically in our interior? Are the macro-cosmos world and the micro-cosmos human being not more identical than we are ever prepared to accept?”

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Claim Your Self-Esteem Back (Podcast)

Fundamental kick-start to feel the power inside of you

We all know the difference between living our lives from an empowered standpoint or from a place of lack, doubts and fears.
Probably the strongest and most important key for an empowered life is our self-esteem.

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A bold artistic step towards freedom of expression! The brave story of Mandi Chimutengwende (Photos)

Millions of women around the world are raising their voices in a powerful song. A song that comes from our hearts and our ancestors. A song that is calling for the end of a patriarchal system that has brought and perpetuated war and rivalry between genders and has caused pain and destruction to mother earth and the female body.

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No programming please. Let me be a Kid!

How can we help our kids to grow up emotionally healthy and mentally strong? Where do we draw the line between educating them and programming then with old patterns?
How can we respect their uniqueness and individuality while we teach them how to fit and be safe in this complicate world?

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