Layla El Khadri April Retreat


Embodied Feminine Leadership

24th - 26th April, Canggu, Bali  


Are you becoming an Agent of Change?

It’s time to step into your power  

Face your fears Activate your unique feminine essence Claim your radiance 

24th, 25th, 26th April, The Palmhouse, Canggu Bali

Hurry! 8 women in total - only 6 spaces left!


The first step in helping and inspiring others, is the deep work on yourself. 

Healing and understanding how your own personal story can inspire transformation in others. It requires your own liberation to liberate others. It requires you identifying and facing your fears and obstacles and learning how to move through them not just now, but forever.  

This immersive experience has been designed to take you on a transformational journey inwards, to experience liberation and emerge a powerful, confident agent of change.  

In just a few days, we go deep, dialing into your intuition, enabling you to discover and harness your unique magic and share it with the world. You will learn how to activate your unique resources to stay powerful, grounded and full of love on this leadership path that has chosen you.  

So Sister, do you feel the call? Apply to join 7 other women who are ready to step up and embody feminine leadership.

This experience is for you if:

  •  You are ready to step into, or level up within, a leadership position as a coach, healer, speaker, teacher…
  •  You are ready to step into a new leadership paradigm of honesty, vulnerability, balance, and beauty without the need to wear some “success” mask and constantly feel like you have to “have it all together”
  •  You know you have a gift to share with the world but are not quite sure how to tap into or hone it
  •  You want some help to overcome both known and unknown fears blocking your path
  •  You are ready to connect with some other powerful women ready to rise with you
  •  You understand the importance of this work and investment in yourself  


Womens Empowerment Coach - Australia

"I've connected to gifts that I've been hiding and I've been able to express myself and be heard and be celebrated.I'm so grateful to have been led by such incredible guides in this journey who held the space so incredibly, with so much grace, beauty and with so much knowledge."



Find your flow , develop self-awareness & foster your own self-love.


Learn how to calibrate your compass for inner guidance.


Activate your feminine power, reclaim your sexuality, sensuality and Goddess.


Uncover and understand your unique gifts


Harness the power of your personal mythology.


Become a magnetic influencer.


Premium Personal Brand Designer for Coaches and Entrepreneurs - South Africa

“If you are considering coming to this retreat ask yourself these questions: ‘are you ready to really stand up and rise as a leader in your community? , ‘are you ready to show the world your gifts?’ and if you are then I would highly recommend it. I'm so happy I did it and I know you will too.”


Embodiment Practice

Transformational Dance, Sensual Movement & Meditation  

Tantra & Tao Initiation

Self-healing modalities that awaken your divine feminine creative power by understanding and harnessing your sexual energy.

Sisterhood Healing

New paradigm leadership from the Risen Feminine requires deep trust in the sisterhood. Let’s clear mother/sister wounds together and for our collective! 


Explore, create, discover and receive insights, ideas, and initiations through a powerful group of like-minded sisters.


Time and space for nourishing rest in a gorgeous nature setting overflowing with the Goddess life force.

Organic Food

Nourish your body with high vibe live foods and juices for greater soul attunement.


Artist - Russia

“Working with Layla is like a real shamanic journey! I was so blocked in my life and she guided me back to a place of self-confidence and power that allowed me to speak my message. After working with her I felt like tectonic plates were moving in my subconscious world.”

Our Venue


Account Manager - Australia

“I feel as if I have entered into a beautiful sacred place, a place of the inner wisdom and feminine beauty, a feeling of pure joy, powerful yet serene magnificence of feminine energy. It is unlike anything that I have imagined it to be. I have so much more respect and love for thin inner feminine energy. Now I know where my power resides”


Layla El Khadri

Layla is a Transformational Coach and Author, Artist, international Speaker and Somatic Therapist, deeply committed to inspiring humanity to wake up and rise!  

Through her art and work, Layla is igniting a new generation of world leaders and changemakers to reclaim their voice and create a new way of living with personal freedom and embodied wisdom.  

She has dedicated half a decade to diving deep and absorbing the wisdom of ancient traditions and cutting edge therapies. Creating a powerful work methodology that bridges mindset and embodiment for lasting transformation.  

She will help you catalyze your potential and embody your authentic essence.  

Layla is the creator of the beautiful film “RISE of the Feminine” which hit half a million views in just one month.

Your Investment

$1500 USD 

What’s included: 2 nights luxury accommodation 2 days of immersive healing and teaching All organic, healthy and nutritious meals


24th, 25th, 26th April, The Palmhouse, Canggu Bali, Only 8 women in total Hurry - Only 6 spaces left Book your complimentary call with Layla to see how this experience can elevate you to YOUR next level

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