Bali spirit festival

It’s official!
I’m teaching and Presenting at the 2019 Bali Spirit Fest in magical Bali! 
Join me for 7 days and 8 nights of yoga, music, dance, healing and sacred celebration as we nourish our souls and enlighten our minds through this incredible energy-charged event! 
This year looks especially exciting! 
I will be teaching 4 workshops of Transformational Dance with DJ Kamau Abayomi, a Personal Growth Seminar and will be at the healing Area giving one-on-one Life Coaching Sessions!!! Join me!


Transformational Dance Workshop

Last year my workshops had a massive response and epic effect in those who attended. From tears to laughter we went deep on a transformational dance journey that left our bodies rejuvenated and reprogramed with high vibes! This year I am implementing new techniques to harness the potential of our bodies through dance. Come and have a unique experience!

Personal Development Seminar

“Become a Conscious Creator of your Reality”

We will dive deep into the tools to become a conscious creator. From mindset to emotional intelligence or the awareness of somatic responses we will uncover the mechanisms to move from victimhood into mastery and becoming conscious creators of our reality. 


Arts as Medicine

We will explore how the creative process allows us to release and heal our fears, traumas and pains as well as manifest our dreams and desires.


Life Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions will help you get clear what your goal is, what are the limiting beliefs and fears holding you back and create an actionable action plan to get from where you are to where you wish to be. Creating the life of your dreams starts today! W


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