The Feminine RISE – (Epic Video)

It´s time to restore balance on the Planet! It´s time to bring the Feminine Energy back to its sovereign place. This short film, featuring dancers and artists from all over the world, speaks of the rise of the feminine that exists outside of gender. The feminine that has been suppressed for Millennia under the patriarchy and whose time to rise …


This one is for you sister: I am a woman I have many faces and many expressions of my being. My emotions dance in cycles. My body lives in cycles And each cycle brings a very different energy to be expressed.


Ah! That’s a tough question right? Shall we have a strict practice to keep our lives in alignment or relax into the flow of life and hope that this will manifest our dreams effortlessly in an almost magical serendipitous way? I have experienced both and dived deep into them, and this is what I came up with and the answer …


In my journey to find my passion, understand who I am, what my gifts are & how to share them with the world, I encounter very often a wall I call SELF DOUBT. For years, I used to identify this wall as a STOP sign, an inner voice that screams loud: ”you are not ready yet! Who do you think …



From the darkest, deepest places, it seems like the light, the joy and the strength to live a fulfilling life are impossible to reach. Let me share with you a secret: your sadness is your soul claiming for you to listen!


The Divine Masculine: The Lost Key to Balance

I have been studying the ancient traditions of Tao and Tantra in South East Asia, at the Tao Garden, learning from one of the most inspiring masters alive: Master Mantak Chia. Immersed in a retreat with 111 exceptional healers, teachers, students and artists from 26 different countries, I have been gifted with the opportunity to witness human beings in their most vulnerable spaces: sexuality, relationships and love. And what I see is an infinite potential. We are designed to work in perfect harmony with each other.


Call from Shakti – The Divine Feminine

This reflection comes from the inspiration to meet my highest potential, and the need to awaken a part of myself that has been forgotten and ignored by the world around me: the erstwhile dormant aspect of my Feminine essence. Shakti, the female principle of Divine Energy. No matter your background, beliefs or color of your skin. No matter your religion, …


Planetary Tribe: I wish for us to see each other.

I wish a world of connected conscious people, a world where we co-create with mother earth and with one another. I wish to build bridges between hearts, between visions, between belief systems. I wish for us to see each other, to feel each other, to fully respect each other.


This is for You. Gypsy Soul

This is for the nomads whose hearts swell with joy every time a new adventure appears around the corner of life. For the souls who have remembered — the souls who felt there is a mission in their lives and don’t tremble to take the steps their brave hearts dictate. This is for the rainbow kids who have grown, and …