When life seems to be out of balance, this is what I do.

Finding Balance

Few weeks ago, my life started to not work smoothly, I felt out of balance. Actually, it became very abrupt. First, a few little details started to not run well. I overlooked them, and kept on pushing forward. Then a few relationships with loved people started to be tense. I overlooked them, and kept pushing forward. Finally, my health came …


How saying Yes will change your life and help you get what you want #VIDEO#

  The Universe only understand Yes The Universe, nature, evolution operates in a Yes mode, Yes to different outcomes that automatically shape reality. Frame your wishes in Yes statements and vibrate with what you say Yes to, as Einstein cited: Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want …


How to get to know yourself better! #VIDEO#

We all wish to grow personally, become better versions of ourselves. But what does this mean? For me, this means getting to know myself, what it means to be myself. And in this journey of self-discovery, I had to find the subconscious patterns and programs running my emotional system without my awareness, and the blind spots of my personality that …