Ah! That’s a tough question right? Shall we have a strict practice to keep our lives in alignment or relax into the flow of life and hope that this will manifest our dreams effortlessly in an almost magical serendipitous way?
I have experienced both and dived deep into them, and this is what I came up with and the answer is a paradox just as life is: Having the discipline to stay in the flow!!

Which means doing what it takes for my Mind-Body & Soul to stay in the flow. Personally, that’s diligently making sure I have a healthy diet, meditation practice & good sleep, time off to read, create, nourish myself and be held. Connect with nature, DANCE, play music, because dance & music bring my body into the flow & then the rest flows well by itself.
If I want to feel the inspiration & ease that I know my life can have I need to BECOME inspiration & ease. When my practice becomes too rigid, I BECOME rigid & then nothing can flow.
Intentionally and consciously trace a nice river bank and then be water my friend!

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