Life Coaching


Inspired . Empowered . Radiant 

Master Your Mindset
 Balance Your Emotions
Activate Your Body 

Personalized Mentorship

Master a Mindset of Success    Learn to Manage your Emotions     Activate your Body & your Feminine Essence.

Women are waking up to their own Power and its time for us to activate our Feminine Essence and fully Embody our Potential.

You already have what it takes to be the Woman you dream!

Confident and determined yet feminine and sensual. The secrets reside in the integration between your inner Masculine & Feminine potential.

My Mentorship will help you clear your blocks, tap into your unique resources and create the life you want to be living by working in a holistic way with Mind, Body & Soul.

Bridge the gap between Mindset, Embodiment,  and Ancient Wisdom.

Redifine What’s Possible in Your Life, Career & Relationships

Boost your Self-estee & Self-Love.

  • Creating a magnetic field of Elegance, Grace & Presence around you no matter what life throws your way.

Find Your Unique Gift and Embody it!

  • Transform your career into your passion.

Manage you Emotions & create fullfilling Relationships.

  • Moving away from Victim mentality and disempowerment into becoming The Boss of Your Life!

 Inspired & Dynamic Lifestyle.

  • Re-program & re-wire your brain and soul to live with Ease, Inspired, Active, Fresh and Productive.

Ready to Transform your Life once and for all?

You came all this way because you know you want Radical Transformation!

Let’s schedule a discovery session to set this journey in motion!

Transformation is just on the horizon dear one!


“Layla guided me trough the journey from victimhood to masterhood, from negativity to life ! She is an amazing coach, extremely alive and alert, bringing joy, fun and awareness in the process. She is able to catch exactly where your are at (letting you sometimes quiet astonished!).”

Ambre Murard – Film Maker & Art Therapist – France

“I feel as if I have entered into a beautiful sacred place, a place of the inner wisdom and feminine beauty, a feeling of pure joy, powerful yet serene magnificence of feminine energy. It is unlike anything that I have imagined it to be. I have so much more respect and love for thin inner feminine energy.”

Angelina Rikic – Accountant Manager – Australia

“Layla is probably the most centred at piece women that I have met in a really long time. She is special and I want to continue to work with her and continued to be coached by her for a long time. She has hooked me in.”

Sharon Fitter – Business Consultant – Australia

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