Planetary Tribe: I wish for us to see each other.

I wish a world of connected conscious people, a world where we co-create with mother earth and with one another.

I wish to build bridges between hearts, between visions, between belief systems.
I wish for us to see each other, to feel each other, to fully respect each other.

Because it is only by reconnecting with each other that we will find peace in this world. Is only by putting down the barriers that we built to separate us that we will be able to grab each other’s hands and all together rise to a higher vibrational reality.

We are one is more than just a concept, it is the key to growing as a race; because only when we stop focusing on our differences and start realizing our similarities will we feel one.

Only when we stop fighting against what separate us and embrace what connect us will we be able to be one.

It is not an easy path, we have thousands of years of disconnection on our backs. We carry deep-rooted social patterns, fears, and insecurities. We need to learn how to be in harmony from scratch, like a baby learns how to walk.

But we are ready. We are more ready than any other society has ever been before. We have exhausted the old system of rivalry and separation, worn out the resources of our unconditional loving Mother Earth and are in the verge of a planetary collapse.

We know a different way is necessary and possible. We feel the solution is right there next door, next village or next chair in the bus you take everyday.

We are the solution. We have always been. We were just blinded by false beliefs that made us feel the other is the enemy, the rival, the obstacle between us and our dreams.

But now we know and we feel more and more every day; the others are actually pieces of our own puzzle. They carry the energy and inspiration we need every day to fuel our lives; they give us the love we seek, they share with us the ideas we can develop, they might have found the key we lost and we might have the door they are seeking.

I wish to stop investing time and energy in separation, and instead invest it in re-union, re-connection and communion.

I wish to build a bridge between your heart and mine so you can come and see: we are not that different.


First Published at: Rebelle Society
Featured Artist: Android Jones

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