In my journey to find my passion, understand who I am, what my gifts are & how to share them with the world, I encounter very often a wall I call SELF DOUBT.
For years, I used to identify this wall as a STOP sign, an inner voice that screams loud: ”you are not ready yet! Who do you think you are to be putting yourself out there? You are DEFINITELY not good enough!”

Today I am choosing to see Self Doubt as a Personal Trainer!
An inner voice that, in an encouraging tone, urges me to make sure I have what I need to go out there and succeed!
A voice that checks in with me if I have done my homeworks, if I’m taking care of myself, my health, my free time and my emotions. A voice that wants me to stay on my toes with what needs to be done so I can shine at my very best!
My inner Personal Trainer knows what my highest potential is capable of and won’t let me show up at any less than that!
Since I made this inner change, Self Doubt isn’t destructive anymore.

Give it a try!

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