How saying Yes will change your life and help you get what you want #VIDEO#


The Universe only understand Yes

The Universe, nature, evolution operates in a Yes mode, Yes to different outcomes that automatically shape reality.

Frame your wishes in Yes statements and vibrate with what you say Yes to, as Einstein cited: Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy, this is Science.


Our Brain takes Yes & No very seriously

No is a constrictor. It has the associated meaning of denial, rejection, and impossibility. We say No and our bodies close down, the body-mind symbiosis understands there is something to avoid, it perceives a threat which brings about an extreme state of resistance, our vision needs to narrow in order to focus and keep us safe.


On the contrary, the neurobiology of positive emotions shows us that when we’re positive or expecting a Yes, our field of vision is actually larger. We say Yes and our brain understands action, evolution, moving forward. A shot of dopamine prepares our mood for action, and adrenaline plays its role in exciting and tuning our system to accomplish the task.


Its not about always saying Yes to everything, but about rewiring the part of your brain that operates in automatic patterns of response. We have these knee-jerk responses because they are efficient, not every decision needs to go through the more energy-consuming prefrontal cortex. The trick is to rewire these automatic responses to a more allowing, inviting, and less constricting pattern. We left long behind the times where survival required us to deny any new unknown idea to keep us safe. If we change the automatic response of No for a Yes, it means we are allowing ourselves to consider the proposition received in a conscious way, and then, once analyzed and understood, we might answer: Maybe, let me think about it!


Yes helps Relationships

This simple mechanism has a huge significance in our lives, and in the lives of those around us as we trigger the same mirror emotional state on each other when we respond with Yes or No attitudes and statements.


In a relationship, saying Yes as often as you can, without sacrificing an important part of yourself in the process, is a magic key. I found out that saying Yes, and… opens doors and allows me to express my needs freely. “Yes to your invitation and… these are my needs and what I feel is necessary for me to be in alignment and honesty. And those needs clearly expressed may, by themselves, reshape the nature of the invitation without the need of any denial.”


Saying Yes to Your dreams


No matter how crazy they might sound! Saying Yes to my dreams is the other gem I have discovered in my years of thinking and living outside the box.

No matter how far out there your vision might be, say Yes, a big Yes to it. Go with all your conviction towards it. Know that if you say Yes, the rest will fall into place, the pieces will align and the solutions will come, all of it invited by that Yes!

When you invest in setting new things in motion, the machine of the Universe has no other wish but to support you and start moving towards the manifestation of it. Because you have opened the door, sooner or later, faster or slower, the things you are inviting will come.


Of course, being aware of the things that require change, the things that are not yet within our reach or what is giving rise to a conflict, is absolutely key, but it is done in such way that we are saying Yes to the new, we are inviting the creative solution to finding the best outcome possible.


Back to Einstein, if you vibrate in Yes, all your being is sending the information of a Yes, and energy around you reorganizes to reflect that Yes!


I am a living proof that saying Yes brings about what you said Yes to, and you can set your life to whatever you dream. It is so simple, just say Yes!

Watch my last video Say Yes!


Layla El Khadri


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