Transformational Dance

What is Transformational Dance?

A powerful technique to anchor real and lasting personal transformation. 

This unique Somatic modality is what I call Radical Embodiment!

Nowadays, personal development is mostly a cognitive process, which means we get to “understand” ourselves on a mental level.

We make all sorts of resolutions, intentions and positive affirmations yet, nothing seems to really change in our lives; and that’s because we are not EMBODYING the wisdom. Change is not real until we anchor it in our bodies! 


Get the Issue out of the tissue and infuse Success in your flesh! 


From the cosmos to the cellular matrix of our bodies everything is in a constant dance. Mind, Matter and Spirit dance in harmonic symbiosis. 

Your fears, limitations, doubts, and blocks are the result of a fragmented dance, disconnected from the primordial flow.

Movement is medicine to restore balance. Movement has the power to activate your brain`s chemistry and access your subconscious mind to experience real transformation, to unlock your personal wisdom and embody your highest potential. 

Drawing wisdom and experience from Somatic Therapy, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance and Neurobiology, I bring you Transformational Dance a guided ecstatic journey to unleash your personal power, restore balance and liberate yourself. 



Where can I experience T.Dance?

Transformational Dance is the perfect movement practice for festivals as well as for your retreat, workshop or seminar. 

If you wish to bring T.Dance to your event write me a message and lets book your Transformational Experience!

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