This one is for you sister:

I am a woman
I have many faces and many expressions of my being.
My emotions dance in cycles.
My body lives in cycles
And each cycle brings a very different energy to be expressed.

Sometimes I am wild,
I need to be free, to run, to scream loud.
I wish you could run next to me as fast as I run,
howl as loud as I howl and share the joy of being an untamed soul.

Sometimes I am soft,
My little girl wants to be held,
she has inner worlds to share and wants you to play,
to caress and to fall asleep sharing stories of fairies and elves.

Sometimes I am rough,
There are thousands of reason to be,
millennia of anger and pain that has been suppressed,
my DNA carries ages of unfairness still to be released.
I crave for your strength to know my anger is worthy of love,
to know that I also feel lost in a world
that sometimes seems to not give a fuck about us.

Sometimes I am hot
Rushes of passion take over my soul,
Beauty is a web to waive around you.
Seduction and play to melt you away.
I dream with your arms around me, your fingers discovering each inch of my life.
My head filled with fantasies, my body craves to make love.

And sometimes I AM and that’s all.

I hope you can love me with all I bring, all I feel, all I want and all I need.
I know it is a lot.

God made women very complete to make sure we could make love, bare children, share beauty, give care, nourish hearts and still have energy to find the existential answers every human being is seeking for, energy enough to create a life we dream to live for.

If you are a man I hope you can love all what I am.

If you are a woman I hope you are loved for all that you are.


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